"Every perception is to some degree an act of creation, and every act of memory is to some degree an act of imagination."

-- Gerald Edelman, Second Nature: Brain Science and Human Knowledge
2020-10-08Off the first mater2020-10-08JournalOff the first materOf Attomes.Of a Vacuum - Attomes. pag 2Of QuantityConjunction of bodys.Of PlaceOf time - EternityThe representation of a clock to goe by water or sand.ProblemeOf MotionOf the Celestiall matter - orbes.Of the Sunn Stars - Plannets - CometsOf Rarity - Density. Rarefaction - Condensation.two bodys given to find which is more denseOf Perspicuity - OpacityOf Fluidity Stability humidity SiccityOf Softnesse hardnes Flexibility Ductility TractilityOf Figure Subtility hebetude smothnes asperityOf heate - coldOf Gravity - LevityOf Heate - Cold.Of violent MotionOf Reflection undulation - refraction.Of FierOf AerOf Water - SaltOf EarthPhilosophyAtraction MagneticallVegetables.Attraction Electricall - Filtration.Of light see pag 82Of SensationOf Species visibleOf VisionOf Colours.Of SoundsOf Odours - SaporsOf TouchingOf Generation - CoruptionOf Memory[3]Immagination. - Phantasie - inventionSympathy - AntipathieOf Oyly bodysOf Meteors.Of Water - Salt flux - reflux of the SeaOf MinerallsOf the Flux - reflux of the seaOf Violent motionOf Comets.The motion of a CometThe motion of the comet[7]Of Motion.[8]Of Attomes.Of colours[9]Of ImaginationOf GodOf Light[10]Of the Creation .Of the souleOf Sleepe - Dreames -cOf colours vide pag 69Questiones quædam Philosophiæ Amicus Plato amicus Aristoteles magis amica veritas. Continue reading… Index Off the first mater Of Attomes. Of a Vacuum - Attomes. pag 2 Of Quantity Conjunction of bodys. Of Place Of time - Eternity The representation of a clock to goe by water or sand. Probleme Of Motion Of the Celestiall matter - orbes. Of the Sunn Stars - Plannets - Comets Of Rarity - Density. Rarefaction - Condensation. two bodys given to find which is more dense Of Perspicuity - Opacity Of Fluidity Stability humidity Siccity Of Softnesse hardnes Flexibility Ductility Tractility Of Figure Subtility hebetude smothnes asperity Of heate - cold Of Gravity - Levity Of Heate - Cold. Of violent Motion Of Reflection undulation - refraction. Of Fier Of Aer Of Water - Salt Of Earth Philosophy Atraction Magneticall Vegetables. Attraction Electricall - Filtration. Of light see pag 82 Of Sensation Of Species visible Of Vision Of Colours. Of Sounds Of Odours - Sapors Of Touching Of Generation - Coruption Of Memory \[3\]Immagination. - Phantasie - invention Sympathy - Antipathie Of Oyly bodys Of Meteors. Of Water - Salt flux - reflux of the Sea Of Mineralls Of the Flux - reflux of the sea Of Violent motion Of Comets. The motion of a Comet The motion of the comet \[7\] Of Motion. \[8\]Of Attomes. Of colours \[9\]Of Imagination Of God Of Light\[10\] Of the Creation . Of the soule Of the soule Of Quantity Of Sleepe - Dreames -c Of colours vide pag 69 Continue reading… (Original article)