"Every perception is to some degree an act of creation, and every act of memory is to some degree an act of imagination."

-- Gerald Edelman, Second Nature: Brain Science and Human Knowledge
Si yo supiera If I knew Si tú supieras If you knew Si él supiera If he knew Si ella supiera If she knew Si ustedes supieran If you knew Si nosotros supiéramos If we knew Si ellos supieran If they knew¿Me enseñarás francés Spanish BeginnerSpanish sentence: Dime cuál elegir. Por eso pienso que yo seré elegido English sentence: Tell me which one to choose. That's why I think I'll be chosen. Spanish word: elegir a-algn/algo English word: Pronunciation: https://storage.googleapis.com/alley-d0944.appspot.com/LanguageMaster/276.mp3 https://storage.googleapis.com/alley-d0944.appspot.com/LanguageMaster/6.mp3 https://storage.googleapis.com/alley-d0944.appspot.com/LanguageMaster/275.mp3 https://storage.googleapis.com/alley-d0944.appspot.com/LanguageMaster/5.mp3