The Traverse Team

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We’re a small but passionate group of people who’ve set out to build the best tool for self-learning anything.

Our Team

Dom speaks 5 languages. It was actually his love for language that drove him to create Traverse.
He enjoys long bike rides and traveling the world.
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About Hans
Hans enjoys the city life of London while creating amazing designs in a matter of seconds.
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As well as a group of amazing developers, writers, and marketing and business advisors who are making their anonymous but powerful contributions!

Our Community

Besides our team, our users are also an indispensable part of Traverse’s mission.
Take Raleigh, for example, who first discovered Traverse’s potential for medical study. Together with other medical students, like Felicia and Jesus, he provided the feedback and input we needed to create the best tool.
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Below are some more quotes from Traverse community members. You can join us on Discord, looking forward to seeing you there 🤗

Want to join our remote-first team? Drop us a message here :)

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