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Welcome to the Traverse Member community!
We are a group of passionate people figuring out the best way to learn.
You can chat with all of us, ask questions, and stay up-to-date on our regular live community meetings in our Discord Server!
Take medical student Raleigh for example, who used Traverse to get a 99th percentile score on the MCAT.
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Or machine learning research student David, who mastered the fundamentals and the latest research in what is probably the hottest field of the moment.
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The Traverse team is also in the community! Like founder Dom, whose frustrations while learning Chinese became the start of the Traverse app.
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If you want to see what Dom and the Traverse team are working on, vote on ideas for what to build next, and submit your own ideas for what you really want to see in Traverse, check out our Roadmap. This is the place where we build together - and you’re part of it!
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