Traverse Case Study: Medical student Raleigh

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Raleigh used Traverse to study for his MCAT and got a 99th percentile score
  • Traverse made it easy to organize all the learning material without getting overwhelmed
  • The mind mapping feature allowed Raleigh to visualize and deeply understand complex topics like Glycolysis and the Endocrine Pathways
  • Spaced repetition flashcards helped him memorize in the shortest possible time

The challenge of studying for the MCAT

In early 2022, Raleigh was studying for the MCAT exam to enter medical school - a difficult test where more than 78% of the test-takers score below the minimum score medical schools are looking for (510).
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It is difficult for two reasons:
  • It covers a vast array of subjects from biology and chemistry to physics and social sciences
  • It requires exceptional critical thinking and analytical skills to interpret complex passages and solve problems under time constraints
The combination of extensive content and cognitive demands can be overwhelming, making the MCAT a big hurdle on your path to medical school success.
Raleigh soon realized his old methods of (re-)reading study material and highlighting the significant bits weren't going to cut it this time. After doing his research, he discovered how organized note-taking apps like Notability and flashcards apps like Anki improved his recall. But he kept asking himself, “Is there an even better way to learn?”

How Traverse supercharged Raleigh’s MCAT prep

Raleigh tested many study apps, but none really helped him create an effective study practice.
Until, after a few months, Raleigh discovered Traverse. It allowed him to connect ideas visually and see the big picture, while still offering active recall and spaced repetition flashcard practice.
Take the Krebs Cycle for example, an important topic to study in the MCAT Biochemistry section. Rather memorizing every step as an isolated fact, Traverse allowed Raleigh to visually draw out the cycle, and add his notes and flashcards in the place where they logically belonged.
The Krebs Cycle which Raleigh created to study for the MCAT (you can view it in detail here:
The Krebs Cycle which Raleigh created to study for the MCAT (you can view it in detail here:
Raleigh’s favorite way of doing that, is by creating ‘map occlusion’ flashcards, which let him hide part of biological pathways and other diagrams, and review them with spaced repetition flashcards:
Mastering the Krebs Cycle using map occlusion flashcards
Mastering the Krebs Cycle using map occlusion flashcards

Using existing resources in Traverse

Before coming across Traverse, Raleigh had already started studying with the popular flashcard app Anki. Luckily, Traverse is 100% Anki compatible, and offers an easy Anki import function.
What’s more, Raleigh used videos from YouTube and Khan academy, which he could directly embed into Traverse.

Using study strategies in Traverse

Apart from studying difficult topics, Raleigh realized that Traverse’s visual organization is also perfect to organize study planning and strategies. He mapped out the perfect strategy for each sections (Chem/Phys, CARS, Bio and Psych/Soc), and organized it in Traverse to always have the information at hand.
Raleigh’s MCAT strategies (view in detail here:
Raleigh’s MCAT strategies (view in detail here:

The result: a 523 MCAT Score and his dream medical school acceptance

After studying with Traverse for 3 months, Raleigh was ready to take the test! And when the results finally came in, it confirmed that he made the right decision: he got a 523 score (99th percentile), with 132/132 on the psychology and sociology section!
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With this score, Raleigh was ready to start applying to medical schools. He got accepted into multiple schools, including his dream school: the Baylor College of Medicine in Texas.
Raleigh is exciting to take his academic career to new heights as he is starting to use Traverse for his studies in medical school as well!

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