Glycolysis Pathway

Glycolysis Pathway

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3 Steps to Learn Glycolysis (And never have to relearn it again)

There’s a joke in medical school that you always have to relearn common pathways like the Kreb’s Cycle and Glycolysis multiple times. These are the 3 steps I used to master the glycolysis pathway so I would never have to learn it again (woot woot).

STEP 1 (Understand what Glycolysis actually does)

Glycolysis is the process in which glucose is broken down to produce energy. It produces two molecules of pyruvate and ATP. The process takes place in the cytoplasm of a cell and does not require oxygen.

STEP 2 (Draw a Diagram and Use Spaced Repetition to Master it)

The Glycolysis By Axonious Concept map shows each step of Glycolysis. You can clone the map to get the corresponding spaced-repetitition flashcards. As you practice the glycolysis diagram over and over again you’ll remember how things connect.

STEP 3 (Connect Your Glycolysis Steps to other steps within Metabolism)

According to SOLO taxonomy, new material is retained better by connecting it to other points. Imagine how you can connect steps of Glycolysis to parts of the Kreb’s Cycle, or the Pentose Phosphate Pathway. Draw a Glycolysis flowchart to make those on paper, Traverse, or any other software. You’ll see that by making connections you’ll understand Glycolysis much better.

*Bonus Step (Create a Mnemonic)

I used a mnemonic to remember each enzyme of Glycolysis. What mnemonic could you create?

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