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Dominic Zijlstra
Dominic Zijlstra
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You can import any Anki APKG deck into Traverse. Your scheduling information is preserved so you can pick up exactly where you left off. Images, audio and other media are also included.
Why does this matter?
Anki is a very popular spaced repetition flashcards app, and helps you build an effective retrieval practice. What it’s not very good at however, is helping you deeply grasp things, and see how they connect to the bigger picture. By importing your Anki decks into Travers, you can organize all of your decks and cards in visual mind maps, so you can literally see how things connect. On top of that, you can add notes and upload all your study materials!
The new Anki import makes Traverse 100% Anki compatible, so you can continue learning in Traverse where you left off with Anki.
Not only does it support image occlusions, sub decks and tags, but also keeps all of your Anki scheduling data, so you can just continue in Traverse where you left off in Anki.
It also keeps a history of all of your Anki imports, so you can come back to them any time while you move cards into Traverse.
Here’s a video of how to use the Anki import:
There are a few things to keep in mind when importing Anki decks into Traverse:
  • The Anki APKG file has to be uploaded and is kept in your device’s memory, so we recommend keeping the file size below 300MB. If you have larger decks, you can export the subdecks from Anki and import them into Traverse one by one.
  • Importing the deck may take a while (usually anywhere between 10 seconds and 10 minutes). This depends on two things:
    • The file size of the deck (larger files take longer to upload)
    • The number of cards in the deck (decks with many cards take longer to process)
  • Once you have uploaded your deck into Traverse, the import is saved, and you can always come back to it by clicking the Anki Import button.
  • It is recommended to move your cards to Traverse in small groups around the same topic. This makes it easier to organize your cards visually, and helps you get all the learning benefits from Traverse, like seeing how things connect in the big picture.
  • On the newest Anki versions, you may need to check the option Support older Anki versions when exporting, in order for the import to succeed
If you are still having issues importing your deck, or if the formatting of your cards doesn’t look right, you can contact us, and ideally provide a link to the deck you’re trying to import (for example, a link to Google Drive or Ankiweb), so we can help you get started with your Anki cards in Traverse as soon as possible.
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