Meiosis Stages

Meiosis Stages

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Sick of relearning the Meiosis Stages?

After following the following 3 steps you’ll know how to learn Meiosis in a way that will help you truly understand and remember it.
If you are like me, you probably learned Meiosis in high school biology, then forgot it and had to relearn it again in college. Like a reoccurring nightmare, Meiosis keeps popping up in different contexts and you realize you actually have to learn it once and for all. I’ve created these 3 steps based on what I’ve done to learn Meiosis for med school.

STEP 1 (Understand what Meiosis Definition)

Put simply Meiosis is the process of creating sperm and egg cells. These cells are called haploid (n) gametes which are genetically unique from each other and the original parent (germ) cell. These means that sex cells do not have homologous chromosomes.

STEP 2 (Draw a Meiosis Diagram and Use Spaced Repetition to Master it)

The Meiosis Map by Axonious shows each step of Meiosis. You can clone the map to get the corresponding spaced-repetitition flashcards. As you practice the meiosis diagram over and over again you’ll remember how things connect.

STEP 3 (Connect Your Meiosis Steps to other steps within cell development)

According to SOLO taxonomy, new material is retained better by connecting it to other points. Once you start learning Meiosis can you begin to make connections between it and the cell cycle? Can you make connections to show the difference between mitosis and meiosis? You can draw these connections on paper, Traverse, or any other software. You’ll see that by making connections you’ll understand Meiosis at a much deeper level.

*Bonus Step (Create a Mnemonic)

I used a mnemonic to remember each step of Meiosis. What mnemonic could you create?
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