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How can I add a simple flashcard decks, for example for language learning?
The simplest way is just keeping a single note with your vocab, and using cloze deletes to quickly create flashcards from them:
How can I adjust the number of cards to review every day?
See here
Why do I get logged out every time I go to Traverse?
You don’t get logged out, but the homepage is the same for everyone, whether logged out or logged in. Instead of going to the homepage, save https://traverse.link/app to your bookmarks. If you visit that page, you’ll automatically be logged in.
Why do I still have cards for review after going into one of my Traverses, even if I have cleared all reviews from the main screen?
That would only happen if you have more cards due for review than your daily limit. You can view your daily limit setting by clicking the Wheel icon in the flashcard dialog box.
For example, if your limit is set to 50, and you reviewed 50 cards, it will show as 0 on the main screen. But maybe there were even more cards due for review (say, 100 in total). If you go into one of the Traverses, say level 12, the limit is now applied to Level 12. If level 12 has 20 more cards to review, they will now show. It's basically a way of allowing you to focus on a certain topic even if you've already reviewed 'enough' for the day.
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notion image
Which cards are reviewed first when I have more cards to review than my daily limit?
If your daily limit is, say 50 reviews/day, but you have 100 cards due for review in total, the 50 cards that are shown will be selected from the total of 100 cards as follows:
  • First, cards that are due today
  • Then, cards that were due yesterday
  • Then, cards that were due the day before yesterday
  • And so on
These 50 cards are then presented for review in a random order.
Since cards with a later due date are prioritized, this ensures that you can keep reviewing fresh cards according to their spaced repetition schedule, even if you have a large backlog of older cards (since, especially for very old cards, the exact review time is less critical). You can then gradually work your way through your backlog.
What if I want to review my backlog rather than most recent cards?
The easiest way to review your backlog of cards, is to set a higher review limit. If there are any cards which you don’t want to review right now, you can select them in the flashcard manager and choose “Move to tomorrow”.
What is the difference between the new cards/day and the reviews/day limits?
The new cards/day limit applies to flashcards which you have added to your reviews, but not reviewed yet. Once you have reviewed a card at least once, it counts towards the reviews/day limit.
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How many cards can I expect for review each day?
The number of cards for review each day depends on many factors, especially how difficult you rated those cards when you last reviewed them. But as a rule of thumb, if you add roughly the same number of new cards every day, you can expect your number of reviews every day to be around 10 times that number. So if you add 5 new cards every day, expect your review count to stabilize at around 50.
How to make overview maps which link to topical maps?
I see fewer flashcards due for review than I expected
This is usually due to one of the following two reasons:
  1. Your daily review limits are set too low. You can change them in your review options.
    1. notion image
  1. You are starting the reviews from within a specific topic. This will only review the flashcards within that topic. To review all flashcards, start your reviews from the homescreen (https://traverse.link/app) instead.
I have flashcards with audio but am not hearing any sound
If you are on iOS, make sure that your device is not in silent mode.
Other things to check:
  • The tab is not muted in the browser
  • Your browser website permissions for Traverse allow audio
  • Check if any browser extensions interfere with website audio and/or auto play
I don’t have a process for reviewing my notes, making note-taking feel like a waste of time. How can I make my learning process more productive?
If you already have a good note-taking process, that’s a good start. As a next step, you can make your notes visual, and connect them. When it comes to reviewing, the fastest way to build an effective review practice is by creating ‘fill-in-the-blank’ cards. They are very fast to create, helping you to quickly create a useful set of review cards. They can be either text-based (also called ‘cloze deletion’) or visual (also called ‘occlusion’).
To create cloze deletion, you can select any text in your notes, and press New flashcard, then press Create Cloze. This will create a flashcard that contains the same paragraph, but with the selected text blanked out for you to quiz yourself on.
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To create an occlusion card, you can press “Add map occlusion” for any note. This will create a flashcard that shows this part of the mind map, but with the selected note title blanked out. (Note: map occlusions are a premium feature)
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I’m having issues logging into Traverse
Here's some things to try when you have trouble logging in:
  • Check if you’re trying to log in with the right email. Especially when using Log In With Google it’s easy to accidentally create multiple accounts.
  • Remove your site cookies for Traverse and retry
  • Try if logging in works in a private tab
  • Are you using a VPN? Our backend runs on Google Cloud so the Google servers must be accessible for the app to work.
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